This blog is not so much an insight on IT but a direct point regarding software websites in general.  It’s pretty short so read on.

Do you find when visiting several websites that you have the following problem?  Their webpage presents itself with an outstanding page design.  Clearly the work of a talented web designer.  The words themselves are also great.  Pithy, often humorous and again, clearly written by a copywriter with excellent credentials for their job.


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What’s the problem then?  Simply put, more often than not I’m left without a clue as to what the product does and consequently, why I might need it.  Furthermore, even when I might glean some insight into the product functionality I’m then totally at a loss as to the pricing.  Is that an outright purchase?  Is it a monthly cost?  Is that the pricing for furnishing the whole company or is that the price just for me?

I’m reminded of when my son, then aged about seven was watching commercials on TV. An ad came on for a feminine hygiene product and pictured several women clearly enjoying life.  My son avidly watched the whole commercial and then exclaimed, “Yes, but what does it do”.  Agree or disagree, you can see where the obfuscation originated in the case of the TV ad, but why with software websites?

So, in the interests of total transparency.


What does it do? 

It synchronizes any Office 365 TeamSite or SharePoint site data to your laptop.

Why would I need that? 

To fully replicate on your laptop how you display your data when you’re in the office.

Easier365 is exactly like OneDrive except OneDrive is missing some key features, namely:

  • Synchronizing Metadata so that is available offline in a useable manner.
  • Providing SharePoint Views so that you can display and sort your off-line content by non-standard column headings, for example; by Contract; by Client; by Dept. etc.
  • Searching for the name of a file regardless of whether it is even synchronized locally. If not local, check the box and it will appear next time you are online.
  • Drill down to a full Activity report from Site level down to Activity by Folder
  • Display the name of whoever it was who last updated a file and when that was.
  • Full commentary on what’s happening during a sync.

In short, it’s a Professional version of OneDrive for Business with all the missing features.


Single User $5 / month (no min commitment) or $80 outright purchase ($2 / $32 per copy if you buy 10 copies – even less in greater volumes)

Easier Backup

What does it do?

  • If you delete a file in the Office 365 Cloud it goes into the recycle bin. No problems there.  However, after 93 days it’s gone…including all the versions you were keeping.  Easier Backup keeps a record of every updated file in a ‘snapshot’ of the site anytime you want…and forever if you want.
  • Security: Ransomware / Viruses are a big headache.  Easier Backup allows you to restore your data to the time just before you picked up the problem.

Why would I need that? 

Consultants / IT managers:  Protect yourself from that late-night call from your clients or staff – “We think we deleted a site by mistake – Can you fix that?” -or-  “George has left the company and he’s been deleting the files for last quarter.  –  Can you restore them?”

In short: It’s a security blanket to protect your data and protect your company from malware. Not so incidentally, most companies are actually obliged to keep a copy of all their company data.  Microsoft even keeps saying that Office 365 is not a backup solution


Single User:  $2 / Month or $28 outright purchase ($1.68 /month or $25 if you order 25 copies)

Easier Migrate

What does it do?

It migrates large amounts of data from SharePoint or Office 365 to somewhere else that you want it.

Why would I need that? 

You want to move off SharePoint / Office 365 to an alternative solution, e.g. HCP Portal.


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Now I’m going to re-visit our own website and try to practice what we preach.