It’s great being a System Integrator.  Smaller companies look to you to make decisions and to set them on the right road.  You’re the hero.  Until they lose their data.  Then it’s your fault, even if they did it.   If you don’t take steps to protect their data, it will always be your fault.

Why do I need to bother at all?

If the data is lost, the company could well be in trouble.  Remember – ‘Not emptying your recycle bin is not a backup strategy’.    But some end users think it is.  They will delete critical files, corrupt their data, pick up viruses and worse……and it’s always your fault.

What does Easier Backup do?

After the initial complete backup, Easier Backup makes an incremental copy of every updated or new file, each time you run.

Why do I need to run this?

The end user data in Office365 is protected by Microsoft against any hardware crash or similar disaster.  However, that data isn’t protected against end users deleting their files either by accident or on purpose.  Office 365 versioning is also lost once the top copy file is deleted as there’s no point of reference to locate them.

Where does it run?

This is not on-line software.  It runs in the company’s office on any Windows platform.  A server, a VM or an old PC.   Whatever configuration suits the company best.

Where does it back-up data?  –  1. Disk drive in the Office?

The backup is in your office.  If you can see it then you can back up to it.   Where best is up to you but perhaps an inexpensive, dual disk NAS drive and keep it on-site in the office.

Where does it back-up data? – 2. Secondary Cloud backup?

Because Easier Backup makes an irrevocable copy of your data, inexpensive secondary cloud backup is ideal if you don’t want to fuss with on-site backup solutions.   For example, market leader Carbonite is fully integrated with Easier Backup.  Just choose Third Party Services in Options and click on Carbonite.

What storage space do we need?

Obviously, the minimum requirement will match the amount of data you actually have in the cloud. Daily backup will be incremental.  However, the irrevocable backup will allow you to keep a tighter rein on Cloud storage costs.  End users can now more confidently delete older Cloud files without fear of losing data.

How do you get the files back?

The interface allows you to restore a file, a folder or indeed, everything with just a few clicks.  It will push the data back in the cloud.

So why do this?    Because for relatively very little cost to the Company, you took control and protected the data.

Trying it out costs nothing.  The 30-day trial is a full version and if you like it you can purchase a monthly license or an outright license and just keep going.  We’ve tried to address your questions here but please email us if you still have questions.