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Q: What does it run on? What will it sync?

Easier365 runs on every version of Windows from Vista through to Windows 10

It will sync Document Libraries from virtually everything Microsoft has produced over the last 10 years.

In-House SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.

Office 365, OneDrive (Personal Space),  Office 365 SharePoint Team sites etc.

Q: What can Easier365 do?

You can sync a Site and all the sub-sites in one go or you can pick out just what you want.  A whole Document Library, just some folders or even only one file if you like.

You can run from within Windows Explorer and fetch a file when you want it or you can ask it to keep your choices in sync whenever you are online.

The interface will show you all the File Properties (metadata).  I don’t use metadata I hear you say, well how about who last saved that file to SharePoint and when.  That’s metadata too.

And if you do use metadata we keep it all and let you update it, even offline.  We offer full support of SharePoint Views and Content Types too.

Q: How do I change Easier365’s Offline files location?

You can change this in Options but only before you add your first site.

If you’ve already started and want to change the location you’ll just need to run Master Reset in Options. Change the location and start adding sites again.

One caveat however. You cannot use a Windows FAT formatted drive. That’s what SD cards or some USB thumb drives use.

If you’re choosing a location on you computer’s hard drive (even if it’s an SSD drive), chances are it’ll be an NTFS drive which is fine. You can always right click the drive and choose properties to find out.

Q: How do I change the sync interval?

Easier 365 will synchronise either on demand when you click the button or automatically, soon after you make any changes. It has a 5 minute counter running in the background so it’ll just take care of it automatically.

There are three ways to sync.

  1. Click the sync button.
  2. Change something or add a file in your local SharePoint “Digilink Files” location. The File watcher will see the change , wait a few seconds and sync the changes.
  3. Do nothing and every 5 minutes the software will sync.

The auto sync is there to go and check on SharePoint to see ‘What’s New?’.

Q: How do I manage File deletions from SharePoint

When you first start the software you’ll see the sync mode options.  You can choose to Read, Read & Write or Read, Write and Delete files from SharePoint.  You can change these settings any time you want.

If you set it to delete, when you delete a file from your local store that will be mirrored on SharePoint.

However, if you set it to off.  That is to just Read and Write, when you delete a file from your local store it will delete it locally and remove that local check mark from the interface and un-check the sync box for that file.

Why can you still see the file name?  Because the file is still in SharePoint.  Recheck the sync box in the Easier365 interface or choose ‘Save Locally’ in the Windows Interface and the file will be downloaded again.

Q: What is the difference between the left and right hand windows?

On the left you can see the structure of the Site on SharePoint.  It mirrors SharePoint completely with a Site name, A document Library Name and all the folders that each contains.

On the right we display all the contents of the site either in the Document Library or in any nested folder inside the library.  You can either click a folder name on the tree to expand or you can double click a folder in the file window to drill down.

Q: Where should I click?

If you click the folder name of the left it just displays the contents.

If you click the folder checkbox it downloads the contents.

Q: Why is the Site name sometimes different from the URL?

The difference is because we display what name the site was given when it was setup.

That means you can for example have a URL like this “https://company.sharepoint.com/sales/” but the site name is displayed as “Sales Figures for 2017 including All Accounts”.

That would be a bit awkward as a URL but is very useful when looking at the data.

Q: Can I change any other settings?

You will also find some advanced settings in the Digilink ‘Start Group’ in Windows.  These will only run if you first quit Easier365.

Here you can perform a complete reset of the software including the database and serial number.  It’s a Factory fresh setup option.

Perhaps of more casual use are the other settings where you can change the upload threads, the auto sync and the file watcher.  There are details on these settings further down.

You can also initiate a detailed log from here.

Q: Why didn't Easier365 download everything?

The very first step is to see if the Sync Issues light is on.  Click the tab and it will tell you if it had a problem and what it was. Let’s assume for the minute it shows all is well.

The next thing to check is how many items there are in SharePoint and how many items there are in the Easier365 database.

  1. Right-click the logo and select Sync Contents.  Here you’ll find a total on SharePoint and a total in the local database. The local total number is how many files we found on SharePoint, not how many we downloaded.
  2. If the numbers all tally, now go to the local Windows Explorer Folder, right click the Document Libraries name and choose properties.  That will tell you how many files and folders we actually downloaded.
  3. If some files are missing and you know what the name and location was, have another look in the Easier365 interface and make sure the sync check mark is on for that file.  If not recheck the sync boxes and sync again.
  4. Try it with one or two files or a sub-folder to see if that resolves the issue.  If so, you can now re-check the sync check box further up the tree.

Important Note:  If you have hundreds or perhaps tens of thousands of files and folders it will take a moment or two to execute your command. Let the check mark propagate through the folder structure before you move on.

Q: I've reached 30-days. What are my options?

The Professional Trial runs for 30-day and is the fully featured product.  At the end of 30-days you will be presented with an option screen.

Click Purchase if you wish to start a subscription and carry on where you left off.  This will take you to our Subscription Manager and furnish you with an activation code to carry on running the software.

Click Basic if you wish to switch to the Free Basic version.  The files you have already synchronised locally will be moved to a Digilink Files Backup and the software reset.