How can we possibly fix Microsoft OneDrive problems if Microsoft cannot?   OneDrive for the most part works fine and let’s face it, it’s free. It’s also an integrated part of the Microsoft infrastructure which is an important point.  However, it does have a few very annoying missing features.  What issues does Easier365 address?  Well they are pretty specific, but if they address the problems that you have, then these features are priceless.  (Editor’s note:  They’re not actually priceless but they are pretty inexpensive! )


You want your data the way you want it.  You have very carefully added a whole raft of additional columns to your SharePoint views, having sorted and rearranged your data so that it presents itself in exactly the manner you intended.  The trouble is that offline,  OneDrive just presents files in a Windows Explorer view of data.  In contrast, Easier365 gives you the files in Windows Explorer and a detailed, SharePoint-like view of your data, even offline.  It just makes it easy to use having one consistent display of your data.

Views and Columns

It’s not just the synchronisation of the metadata that makes it so easy.  It is the column headings and ordering that you have chosen that is important.  The ability to add an additional data field of metadata, say, ‘Contract Name’, and then the ability to sort by ‘Contract Name’ is what makes all the difference.  These enhancements to your data are saved as ‘Views’ in SharePoint.  Easier365 synchronises Column Headings and Views and can display your data accordingly.  If you have several different Views configured in SharePoint you can switch between these too.  Even offline.  It’s all about making your data easer to access and easier to use.

Drill-down Activity Report with Favorites.

OneDrive provides a ‘ticker-tape’ style, continuous feed of file activity.  That’s fine if all you want to do it see signs of life.  (Unfortunately, if you are already a OneDrive user you’ll appreciate why that ‘heartbeat’ is useful)  However, chances are you want to drill down to a folder and see if there have been any changes in that specific folder of files.  Well that’s what you get with Easier365.  Click on any folder on the left and you’ll see if there was any activity on the right.  It’s that easy.  Additionally, if you get a lot of file activity, say in a different time zone overnight, you can also set Starred Favorites, allowing you to highlight a file that is important and allow the activity report to focus on your ‘Starred Favorites’.

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