The cloud is slick. All your files are right there in front of you, on any device, at any moment – and collaboration couldn’t be simpler. Life is easier in the cloud.

That is… until it’s not. Who updated this file? Where did all these changes come from? When did this happen? Sure, Microsoft OneDrive displays the list of files, but it doesn’t give you any clue as to who just uploaded that new version.

And the last thing you need when sharing documents is a conflict.


Easier365 includes detailed SharePoint usage reports

Easier365 adds fundamental usability to Microsoft Office 365 by replacing the ‘stream of consciousness’ OneDrive approach with a simple, targeted file list. It’s easy to see who did what, where and when, all in one screen.

Take a look at how Easier365 displays the activity on all your files, and helps you drill down the site tree and review the focused activity for specific documents.

Easier365 even addresses those nasty conflicts, offering a targeted list and robust controls for each and every file. So you can sort it out now, or work at your own pace, without losing any flexibility.

That’s the transparent flexibility of Easier365. 😅