Step 1) Start the Application.

The first screen you see allows you to choose which sync options you want.  It’s self explanatory but if you want to just leave it on the default Read-Only, you can change this at any time by right-clicking the icons and choosing Sync Mode Options.
Sync Mode Screen Shot copy


Step 2) Click on the Add-Site Button.

Add a site

You just enter the site URL.   In Internet Explorer, browse to your Office 365 (or SharePoint) site.  Then either, type,  drag and drop the favicon into the screen or copy and paste the URL into the window. (Don’t worry what the mouse pointer looks like)


Step 3) User name and password.



Step 4) Select which Libraries you want to sync

Select Libraries

This is just which libraries you want to include in the display.  It won’t sync the files until you say so.  It just helps ‘trim’ things down if you have a very large number of libraries to contend with.


Step 5)  Sync down your File Structure

Select All

That’s it! You’re up and running.

Top Tip:

Click on the Library folder name –not the check box– and you’ll get the file structure with no files downloaded. Click in the check boxes and your files will download.


OK. Where to next?


  • The Sites Tab is where you add or change sites
  • The Library Tab is where you can Sync custom File properties and also browse directly to Office 365 (or SharePoint)
  • The Files tab is where you can see and work with all your files
  • The Recent tab will show you the last 50 updated files.

Try the Files tab.

Checkout the full help manual on-line here.