Before we all worked in the cloud, we usually saved our work with an incremental number. Report v1, v2, v3-Final, etc.

Now working in the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 automatically handles versioning for us. When you save, Office 365 automatically versions the document for you. It’s practically perfect – allowing you to flip through your iterations see your hard work laid out in front of you.

But what if you’re offline?

Easier365 Includes Offline Versioning in Microsoft 365

This feature is so simple and necessary that you might not even notice it’s missing from Microsoft OneDrive. In Easier365, just click one button and all those incremental versions are instantly available to you. It’s that easy.

But what happens to Office 365 versions if you are using OneDrive and SharePoint on Office 365 and delete a document. What happens to the versions? Here’s a four-letter word that describes it. “Gone”. Perhaps you know others.