June 2014:  Under the umbrella of the overall DII project, the MoD have just completed deployment of over 120,000 copies of Digilink’s Revelation for Outlook plug-in.  The Revelation Outlook plug-in, facilitates uploading emails and attachments to  SharePoint and enforces completion of mandatory metadata fields.  This now means the MoD can copy emails and attachments to SharePoint from within Outlook. The rationale can be quite broad, ranging from keeping key emails within project based storage, collaboration of key email data with colleagues, through to archiving of vital emailed communications.  

DII is a secure, fully managed and supported infrastructure service, providing user support 24/7, 365 days a year all over the world. DII has enabled the seamless exchange and access to information, collaborative working and interoperability with NATO allies – on a system designed with security from the ground up. The scale of the challenge was enormous: 300,000 users, 150,000 terminals, 2,000 MOD locations fixed around the world with deployed and maritime platforms, and more than 500 applications designed to exacting security standards.

More details on DII and the MoD are available at http://www.atlasconsortium.info