HCPBring full SharePoint integration to HCP Anywhere. Digilink has now developed a more advanced version of their software which fully integrates with HCP Anywhere. This extends the reach of HCP Anywhere to provide full synchronisation capabilities with Microsoft SharePoint.

Use your SharePoint as a system of record and HCP Anywhere as a system of engagement

With SharePoint you already enjoy a comprehensive data management system. With HCP Anywhere you can enhance that still further and enjoy the fast ad-hoc collaboration that you’ve come to expect. The difference? HCP Anywhere offers 100% corporate data integrity which you won’t get in competing systems yet is the feature CIOs and the board of directors insist on.

Browse in Windows Explorer

With the HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint you get total control. Browse your SharePoint documents in Windows Explorer, right there in HCP Anywhere.  Click to open a document and it just opens.  make changes and save and your changes are updated on SharePoint, automatically.  Open a file again and the software instantly checks to see if there is a newer version in SharePoint.  You need do nothing.

Choose : Sync Locally.

Going offline for a meeting?  Perhaps you have a file or a whole folder of files that you wish to keep ready for reference when you might not have Internet connection. Just click ‘Save Locally’ and the files are there.  Later on you can free up space if you want by choosing Keep Remote.  Either way, you are in the driving seat.

Persistence Control

You company SharePoint data is of course important but sometimes you don’t want to managing all your company policies for data retention.  With the automatic persistence setting, that data is local on your computer for just as long as you need.  Last weeks meeting notes not needed offline any more?  No problem.  The software with automatically remove the local copies with no change to SharePoint whatsoever.  In fact you cannot delete files in SharePoint by accident.

The HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint is not sold via the web but is available directly from Digilink.