Businesses have different requirements to individual users.  That’s why you can configure Easier Backup to better meet your company needs, for example with third party storage add-ons.  Email us if you still have questions.

What does Easier Backup do?

After the initial complete backup, Easier Backup makes an incremental copy of every updated or new file each time Easier Backup runs.

Why do I need to run this?

End user data in Office365 is protected by Microsoft against hardware crash or similar disaster.  However, that data isn’t protected against end users deleting their files, either by accident or on purpose.  Remember, Microsoft Office 365 versioning is gone once the top copy file is permanently deleted.

What’s the Data Governance approach?

Two fold.  You get to retain important documents that relate to contracts, clients, personnel etc.  Easier Backup stores all files on the basis of the backup date, you can manage data retention policies based on the date the files were created.

Where does it run?

In-house on any Windows platform.  A server, a PC or one or more VMs.  Whatever configuration suits you best. Most importantly, with Easier Backup you don’t reveal your admin username and password to anybody.

Where does it back-up the data?

Anywhere you want on your network.  A server, an in-house NAS Drive or a dedicated storage device.  If you have unused alternative cloud storage available you can even use that.

What storage space do we need?

The minimum requirement will match the amount of data you already have in the cloud. Daily backup will be incremental.  However, the irrevocable backup will allow you to keep a tighter rein on Cloud storage costs.  End users can now more confidently delete older Cloud files without fear of losing data.

Will Easier Backup cope with very large numbers of users or with large data storage?

This is not a ‘Software as a Service’ application.  We license the number of copies you want to run so you can run several copies of Easier Backup on, say, several VM’s, or run just one copy to backup everyone..

Here you are in control of your company’s data. You can run against an in-house NAS server or any dedicated storage device.  Because the backup is permanent and unalterable, you could more confidently nominate an alternate cloud storage location.

So what’s unique? You can run one copy or break the backup into regions or teams. Backup on demand or on any schedule you choose. Because, we license per number of end users you can configure Easier Backup to suit your own needs.


In any organisation, there is going to be a turnover in staff.  Leavers tend to delete data BEFORE they hand in their notice.  There’s little you can do to bring their data back.

Easier Backup, however, has been keeping a copy of all their files since you started running and their OneDrive space is also relevant to the company.  Ask Easier Backup for their current files or a complete file-by-file record of every data file they ever created or amended.


Talk to us today or just download a copy of the software and try it out. It’s the full version and will run for 30-days.  If you elect to purchase, you can buy a license and just keep going.