After 17 years of development we have taken the decision to stop further development of Easier365. We started off in 2005 with the software originally called Revelation. At that time Microsoft was recommending Digilink software as the primary solution for individual off-line synchronisation for SharePoint.

Now in 2021, although Easier365 still has some additional features that are still not available in OneDrive, the high cost of further development outweighs the benefits we can offer.

We have therefore taken the decision to put our energies into Digilink Easier Backup. Cloud Backup is more vital than ever and we hope you will check-out Easier Backup now. Click the button below for Easier Backup.

Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of Easier365 customers who have installed this Digilink software and supported us for the last 17 years.

– The Digilink Team

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