Don’t walk on the grass. Don’t walk across the street against a red light. Don’t unbuckle your seatbelt until the captain turns off the light. Don’t look at your smartphone during the movie.

Life’s full of little regulations. Some are for your safety, some are for courtesy to others. Mostly they are sensible rules but that doesn’t mean we don’t break them now and again.



Then we progress to the “Thou shall” and “Thou shant” rules. Murder, theft etc. Let’s assume for the sake of this blog we’re all agreed that these are kind of important.

And somewhere in the middle we have business regulations like you must keep certain documents for several years. Well they didn’t really mean it did they? What’s the harm? They’ll never know. Anyway, what’s the penalty?

Pretty well everything’s online these days. I’m sure you look at your bank statements on line. Have you ever clicked to see a monthly statement from 6 months ago and got the screen response.

“Oh. Didn’t think you wanted that. We deleted it”

My guess is you’d go hopping mad. With good reason. Okay, we seem to have started to put these regulations into two camps now. Important and unimportant.

How about this then. Your sales team prepared a proposal for another company a few months ago. The company didn’t bite. Price wasn’t right. Oh well, can’t win them all. Let’s move on. Anyway, Fred the salesman who prepared the quote has left now as well. Scrub that paperwork.

Six months later, that same company got purchased by your best customer. Guess what. They are interested in the proposal. What’s the price we quoted. Anyone remember? Anyone got Fred’s phone number?

Well keeping the quote would have been sensible? Actually no. Keeping that quote is complying with the regulations. It being sensible is just hindsight.

So what am I saying? Do you want 20:20 business hindsight? Of course you would. Simple, just comply with the regulations.

Back it up.