File properties or ‘metadata’ are a key component of any modern data methodology. The company name, client name, project, asset number… the list is endless.

Why on earth Microsoft chose to ignore metadata is a mystery – but thankfully, not a mystery you have to solve.

Easier365 supports Offline Metadata.

It couldn’t be simpler – just click on any file and choose ‘File Properties’ to access the Inspector.

Now you can view, change, add, and update all the data associated with your file. So you can organize your data by whichever aspect is most important.

Online or offline, from any computer, metadata in Easier365 is just one click away.

Easier365 supports SharePoint Views and SharePoint Content Types

Offline Views

Easier 365 also gives you more control over your custom metadata columns. In SharePoint, you’ve added new columns, reordered existing columns, or made other custom changes – now all you need to do is click “Save Views”.

That’s exactly how SharePoint in Office 365 works. But with Easier 365, the same column view is available offline. All the different views you’ve saved are available – and you can even sort and filter your files using those new column headings – All while offline.

Content Types

When you set up a Team Site, sometimes it’s sensible to add a blank Word or Excel template in a format that suits the site. Maybe an accounting department special invoice or an HR template called Interview-notes.doc. Anyway, when using Easier365, on the Accounts dept site, ’New File’ gives you that special invoice. Click on ‘New File’ on an HR site and a blank Interview form appears. That’s the way SharePoint was designed.