Most of us have heard the expression, “Oh. They know the price of everything and the value of nothing”.  It got us thinking.  How often does price and value, coalesce into the same figure.  Difficult to say.  The criteria by which you judge each of those variables differs according to your perspective.

Take insurance for example.  Saying to someone, “That insurance is very good value” would seem to be a specious remark.  Insurance really only achieves its value as, and when, and if it pays out.  Frankly, we would all prefer that we never had to call on insurance, especially health insurance.  


So the value of insurance is really measured in how well it pays out.  Does it cover the cost of the replacement of the event it is protecting?  Did the insurer protect the insured in the event the unthinkable happened and did they pay out without a fight?

Why the analogy?  Because Easier Backup is to be quite honest, just insurance.  It is a protection for your data which pays out, not in money, but in the form of replacing your precious data in the event the original files got deleted or corrupted.  Now this becomes interesting, because Easier Backup is incredibly inexpensive. (we don’t like to use the word cheap but…)  A small business would get down to less than $1 per user / month.  It’s incredibly easy to run.  It’s automatic.  You just leave it running.  So, the ultimate criterion for value.  Does it work?  Does it pay out?

Well Easier Backup is easier to quantify than say, health insurance.  With health insurance, first you fight to get the insurer to accept the claim.  Then you have to negotiate coverage for a clean and convenient hospital.  And that’s before you consider whether the doctor is so, well, very experienced, that the doctor not only took the physicians’ hippocratic oath, but they’re  old enough to have known the chap personally.  

For Easier Backup the simple answer to does it pay out is ‘yes’ and demonstrably so.  If you look you can see the backup copies.  If you excuse the pun, it’s somewhat binary.  They either will or will not be there.  And if they are, then the insurance policy has just paid out.  If you had just lost your files in Office 365 that’s one heck of a good value insurance policy and how indeed could you baulk at having paid, probably the least expensive premium available anywhere.  I don’t especially want to make a virtue out of inexpensive.  Few of us would show off our brand new furniture with the words ” Yes it doesn’t look much, but it was cheap”.  But we’re not selling furniture.

This is insurance.  You can never regret buying it.  You certainly can regret paying too much.