Update to the latest version of Easier Backup to benefit from our latest features and fixes.

Version  [Download] [Install Notes]          Released 19th August 2021.

Reversion Notes:

We have reverted from version to version  There is no end user functional capability changes between the releases.

Fix:  Microsoft introduced some networking authentication changes in Office 365 which may cause an issue in some cases. The change to accommodate this fix was made to the core software development fork which culminated in version

Note: contained guidance notes that the Easier Backup: Options > Browse button, could locate the Easier Backup location within the local Carbonite folder.  Version has exactly the same capability, albeit without those additional guidance notes.

Version      Released 26th March 2019.

New Features

  1. Included facility to use a manual authentication proxy if required as well as the automatic proxy.
  2. Included guidance notes for using Carbonite Backup as a second backup location.

Version   [Install Notes]          Released 1st March 2019.

  • This is the release version of Easier Backup.