Nothing quite compares with going to your usual location for something and finding nothing’s there.  For example, your refrigerator when you come home late and very hungry.  Your clean clothes cupboard when you’re late for work.  Where you keep new batteries when your mouse just died.  All very irritating.

However, when you click on a folder to review some important data you haven’t looked at for a few months and find the folder completely empty.  Pure panic.  You click around nearby folders doubting yourself.  You try the recycle bin.  Nothing.  But surely Microsoft backs up my cloud data? Well, no they don’t.  

Consider.  How many times have you highlighted a largish body of text.  Having been distracted for a moment, you return to think about putting a question mark at the end of a sentence and see the whole block of text replaced by a question mark.  No big deal.  Just click on undo and the problem is resolved.  But what if you inadvertently clicked on ‘Save’ and then moved on to other work for a while.  That document’s contents have been severely compromised.

That’s precisely what Easier Backup solves.  It doesn’t just backup your file by overwriting yesterday’s file of the same name with today’s version.  That’s how you got into this mess.  What is does is to save each and every new or updated version of a file.  Then, when one day you inevitably look in your document and find a big nothing,  just move the slider back one notch and the previous version is there for you to see.  Now click ‘Restore’ and your error is resolved.

It’s automatic.  It runs in the background and it’s there if you need it.  The best $4.99 you ever spent.  In fact it is the only $4.99 you’ll need to spend with Digilink because refreshingly, we don’t charge a monthly subscription.  

Now seriously, what price would you be prepared to pay at that moment you found you just lost several of your files.  Or perhaps all of them if you’d just picked up a ransomware demand or virus.  I daresay you’d be willing to pay more than the $4.99 we are asking.

So ask yourself.  Do you feel lucky?  Well do ya?