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I have often found the process of researching a bit of a double-edged sword. For topics or products that have accumulated conflicting opinions or views, the more research you carry out, the more questions you can end up having. Thus, your research continues, the cycle ends up repeating itself and you end up with too much information and too many questions to confidently make your decision.
This is particularly true when it comes to researching business software. Any half-decent company can explain to you what their product is and how it offers much more than the competition. This is often compounded with slews of exhaustive hyperbole and technical jargon that dances around and flirts with the benefits of the business solution while actually explaining very little.

We’ve all read about “powerful business streamlining and efficiency enhancing productivity solutions”, “unified content merging advantage creators” and “multiple analysis big data facilitation and collaboration jargonators”. But when it gets down to brass tacks – that is, improving your knowledge and understanding of the company you wish to do business with – many firms fall flat.

This isn’t to say that these companies aren’t offering great tools, but confusing, meaningless or vague information is enough to turn away a lot of us, and we end up questioning the company or the tool as a result. What actually is it? Can it be trusted? What do other customers think of it? Is it an authority in its field? Does it actually do ‘what it says on the tin’? Is there a hidden catch or is it ‘too good to be true’? When attempting to decipher meanings from text that is particularly opaque, external references can prove to be extremely useful.

A tried-and-tested SharePoint sync tool

The availability of appropriate information for research, then, is a necessity when choosing to invest in something. As such, I wanted to ensure that anyone searching for a OneDrive for Business and SharePoint sync tool or Office 365 client can find suitable resources attesting that Digilink and Easier365 are up to the task – rather than just taking my word for it.

Indeed, those that do commit to Easier365 are in good company (and good hands). After a decade in the market, we have formed profitable, lasting relationships with companies such as The ATLAS consortium and Japanese conglomerate giant Hitachi. In this post, we’ll briefly discuss these partnerships amongst others, and how each company has benefited from Easier365 as a SharePoint sync tool.

SharePoint sync tool


In 2000, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) began plans to replace many outdated IT systems used by its employees with a single information infrastructure known as the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII). The Atlas Consortium – comprising of HP Enterprise Services, CGI, Fujitsu and Airbus Defence and Space – is responsible for overseeing and implementing this technology change.

A key part of the DII was to provide employees with offline working capabilities. This is where Easier365, or “Revelation” as it is called at the MOD, was brought in. The software has enabled laptop users to work offline, synchronising document libraries and download documents to their personal devices to work on them while away from their usual work stations. Document updates are automatically synchronised and any potential problems – such as document conflicts, for example – are immediately highlighted to users for them to take action.

Revelation was tailored to work effectively within the MOD structure.  File properties (metadata) forms a key component of the MOD requirement, and the software’s extensive metadata capabilities were a key factor in their decision to use it. Once deployed, users were provided with training courses, updated user guides and quick-reference guides as to get familiar with the software in as small a timeframe as possible. Today, Atlas and the Ministry of Defence have hundreds of thousands of Revelation copies installed.

Hitachi Data Systems

“Digilink and Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere) provide a fully integrated solution to mobilize Microsoft SharePoint data. Together, they create a powerful mechanism to easily access and manage SharePoint data from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Hitachi Data Systems partnered with Digilink to provide new capabilities for the Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere) Connector, including mobile and browser access to data stored virtually anywhere. Integration with SharePoint through the use of Easier365 means users can now easily access and modify content on virtually any device – online and offline – and quickly synchronise that content with SharePoint.

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) are renowned as an industry leader in data storage technology. HDS provides modular mid-range and high-end storage systems, software and services. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. and part of the Hitachi Information Systems & Telecommunications Division. The HDS partnership with Digilink and Easier365 further expands their mobilisation of enterprise data and integration with Microsoft applications.


With revenue in excess of 27 billion Swiss Francs, Coop are the second largest retailer in Switzerland. Looking for a solution that would allow staff to collaborate and manage their own data, the Coop chose Digilink and Easier365.

Easier365 was branded to look like an in-house product. With the software blended into their daily operations, their 10,000 offline SharePoint users don’t actually need to pay special regard to the fact that they’re in touching distance with Coop central SharePoint Servers.

Selective synchronisation, one-way syncing and simplified operation led Coop to opt for Easier365 – meaning they could get the data they required when they wanted, and everything they create offline is safely and securely transferred to a central server.


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