How to resolve OneDrive for Business sync issues

January 13, 2017

Have that blue syncing feeling? If you’re experiencing OneDrive for Business sync issues, you’re not alone. And don’t worry, we…

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One step forward, two steps back: trying to sync folders with OneDrive for Business

October 25, 2016

Synchronisation clients like OneDrive for Business, whether they’re used to sync folders with Office365 or to upload images and videos…

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How to search SharePoint file metadata to find documents while offline

October 11, 2016

Generally speaking, information managers have two options for helping colleagues find documents: either you save specific files in specific locations,…

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Resolving conflicts and OneDrive for Business sync problems

May 4, 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice if the stress of conflicted copies in OneDrive for Business could be resolved by an external…

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OneDrive for Business: those pesky limits and how you overcome them

March 17, 2016

Whether it’s down to time and place, educational opportunities or rotten bad luck, we often come up against limits to…

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How to make OneDrive for Business sync better

February 26, 2016

OneDrive for Business is a little like a company car. It’s a nice modern perk, lets you get from A…

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