Doesn’t Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business do the same job?

OneDrive for Business is a utility that Microsoft provides as part of its cloud services.  However, it’s as a sync tool we would draw comparisons. It is somewhat restricted however as these points illustrate.

  • Digilink’s Software has no prescribed file limits – OneDrive has limits. 5,000 items and 2GB in most SharePoint TeamSite Libraries
  • Digilink’s Software makes it easy to add a site, just drag a browser favicon- OneDrive requires you type in the URL
  • Digilink’s Software lets you pick and choose down to the file level –It’s all or nothing for each OneDrive Folder
  • Digilink’s Software displays File Properties offline –OneDrive – What are File Properties?
  • Digilink’s Software lets you add files and update File Properties offline – OneDrive will leave files with mandatory fields checked out.
  • Digilink’s Software will allow Microsoft Word compare and merge on conflicts. You might have thought Microsoft’s OneDrive would do this, but it doesn’t.
  • Digilink’s Software is 100% Client side – Works with SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office365. OneDrive just works with the last two.

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