1. …do I change Easier365’s Offline files location?  You can change this in Options but only before you add your first site.  It you’ve already started and want to change the location you’ll just need to run Master reset in Option.  Change the location and start adding sites again. One caveat however. You cannot use a Windows FAT formatted drive. That’s typically what SD cards or USB drives use. If you’re choosing a location on you computer’s hard drive (even if it’s an SSD drive), chances are it’ll be an NTFS drive which is fine. You can always right click the drive and choose properties to find out.

2. …do I change the sync interval?  Easier 365 will synchronise either on demand when you click the button or automatically, soon after you make any changes.  It has a 5 minute counter running in the background so it’ll just take care of it automatically. There are three ways to sync. 1. Click the sync button. 2. Change something or add a file in your local SharePoint “Digilink Files” location. The File watcher will see the change , wait a few seconds and sync the changes. 3. Do nothing and every 5 minutes the software will sync. That’s really there to go and check on SharePoint to see “What’s New”.

3. …do I delete files on Office 365 /SharePoint when the files are deleted locally? In Options you can see the setting ‘Delete files from site when they are deleted locally’.  This is off by default.  When the box is checked, deleting a file or folder of files from either your local Windows Explorer store or from the interface, will tell Easier365 to mirror this on Sharepoint. Note: If left unchecked, if you delete a file locally which still exists on SharePoint, the local check mark disappears and the sync box is unchecked–but the file entry in the interface remains.  Why?  Because the file is still in SharePoint.  If you re-check the sync box, next time that file is updated, it will download again.



This page covers a frequently asked question regarding this version of the software.

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