Support FAQs

Offline Support for SharePoint – All the Answers.

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Q1. Easier365 – Some simple “How?” questions.

Q2. Which versions of SharePoint and Windows do we support?

Q3. Do I need to load anything at all on SharePoint?

Q4. Does the software download every file every time?

Q5. Does Easier365 support File Properties / Metadata?

Q6. Doesn’t Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business do the same job

Q7. The software fails to connect to Office 365 site.

Q8. My Internet is slow and I get upload errors.

Q9. How to Reset Easier365

Q10. How to Create a Full Support Log

It’s difficult to keep the section short yet be comprehensive so if you don’t find the answer to your question here please do just ping us an email. We’d be happy to send you an answer to your question. Email us at for sales or technical questions.

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