Revelation 3.5

This is the previous version of Digilink’s Synchronisation software.  It is the world’s largest selling SharePoint offline support software, Digilink’s previous flagship product allows you to automatically synchronize documents from practically any SharePoint site. From SharePoint 2007 to 2013 including Office365. All new documents and changes on SharePoint are synchronised locally and all up-dates and new files on your computer are copied up to the SharePoint site – automatically.

Why is Revelation 3.5 still available?

We have many users with hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of copies of Revelation 3.5.  We keep this software in the price book so these companies can purchase additional copies if they are not yet ready to move to Easier365.

Revelation gives you a flexible interface to SharePoint and fine grained control over which Files, Folders and File Properties you want to work with. If you have a moderate number of files to synchronise, Revelation 3.5 is still an excellent option.  Additionally, Easier365 requires Windows Vista or greater whereas Revelation 3.5 will work with older Windows Operating Systems.

Revelation 3.5 and SharePoint

This version does it all…… Fast, Drag & Drop Sites, Drag & Drop Files and Folders, Selective Synchronisation, Lists, File Properties, Conflict Management, Content Types and Dropbox integration.

Want more? Revelation now comes with support for Outlook. This gives you a compliant archiving solution which can create secure, auditable copies of all emails, with easy message retrieval and management.

Not only will you have the files you want offline but Revelation has the best interface to files and folders on SharePoint when you are at your desk. Just drag & drop from your Windows Folders or into the Revelation Interface.

Best of all it’s our most simple version to use. You just drag a site url onto Revelation and you’re done!

What about the difference between Revelation and OneDrive Pro?

Let’s get one point clear. If you are using just a few MB of data spread across a hand-full of files well, using OneDrive Pro as a sync application might suit you fine. However, once you start using SharePoint more than very casually, the limitations in that free OneDrive Pro app start to become apparent. Not to mention it doesn’t work with SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

For Example: Revelation has no prescribed file limits – OneDrive Pro limits you to 5,000 items and 2GB in most SharePoint Libraries. Revelation displays File Properties offline -OneDrive Pro doesn’t. Revelation lets you pick and choose -It’s all or nothing for each OneDrive Pro Library. Check out the full list of differences under the FAQ’s on the Support page.

Of course, using the cloud storage provided by Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business can still make a lot of sense but even more so when coupled with an Enterprise Grade synchronisation application like Revelation.

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  • Revelation is fast and after first sync only syncs updated or new documents. Just seconds per site to check
  • Revelation let’s you version locally, copies of files when updated by SharePoint version.
  • Revelation lets you choose the sync intervals. Not a fixed 10mins but any interval you like.
  • Revelation lets IT predefine the company team sites in Revelation so new users need do nothing to sync their data.
  • Revelation lets you drag emails from Outlook and drop into the Revelation interface.
  • Revelation even includes an Outlook add-in to drop emails and attachments into SharePoint.
  • Revelation allows off-lining of List data. Take your Calendars, Tasks and Contacts with you.
  • Revelation syncs with Dropbox with one click.

SharePoint files in Revelation Interface

SharePoint files in Revelation Interface

The Revelation interface gives you total control over what you want to synchronise.

Revelation Costs

Revelation costs just $69 / €45 / £35 per copy.  That’s a perpetual license, one-time cost and includes the Revelation for Outlook add-in.   Discounts are available for multiple copies and for site licenses.

Minimum requirements

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/Window8
SharePoint 2007 – SharePoint 2010 – SharePoint 2013 – Office365

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