Outlook – Integrate your emails into SharePoint (coming soon for Office 365)

Compliant archiving solution creates secure, auditable copies of all emails, with easy message retrieval and management. – That sounds very serious but what it means is you can keep key emails and attachments in SharePoint.

Why would I want to do that?

Your SharePoint system is the correct way to keep important information and the correct place from which to share copies with other colleagues. Email storage space grows ‘like topsy’ and from time to time you might find your old data being deleted. It’s just not safe nor professional keeping key emails and attachments in your Outlook system. One day they’ll not be there!

It’s a no charge feature with Revelation:

With Revelation you can move at your own speed. Not only with managing all your files from your laptop but also archiving and retrieving emails to implement a highly professional installation.

Two ways of working with Emails – Add-in and Drag & Drop

As well as an Outlook add-in, there’s another simple way of working with emails. You can sImply drag any email across and drop onto the Revelation Interface. The Email and attachment will be uploaded into the chosen SharePoint folder. IT departments can even set Revelation to map certain Outlook properties, Subject; From; To; etc. to their chosen SharePoint content type. The Outlook add-in does not currently sync across to Office365. This doesn’t mean that Office365 users cannot work with Revelation and Outlook though. You can drag & drop emails as in the paragraph above.

Standard Outlook Reading Pane

Standard Outlook Reading Pane

This is a standard Outlook view. (click image to see detail)

Revelation View in Outlook

Revelation View in Outlook

One click of the ribbon above the Reading Pane and toggle the SharePoint view. (click image to see detail)

Work with Outlook the way you want

You get plenty of flexibility with the Revelation Outlook add-in. You can choose from several window locations and add just the custom SharePoint folders you need. You can also add tailored mail folders and add standard Outlook rules so that email get files away automatically. You can hide Revelation for Outlook with one click so it’s never in the way.

Minimum requirements

  • Outlook 2003 or newer
  • SharePoint 2007 or newer
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