Why use the HCP-Anywhere Connector instead of OneDrive for Business?

For those things OneDrive for Business cannot do.

  • Select those files you want to sync when working with TeamSites
  • Work with SharePoint 2007 & SharePoint 2010
  • Synchronise with no imposed file limits or size limits.

For the way it makes Office 365 and SharePoint work better

  • Interface:  The connector gives you an Application Interface to navigate SharePoint libraries.  No need to click on web folder after web folder to drill down.  One Click and you are there.  See all the files in SharePoint on or off-line. Then either Keep in Sync or Download just exactly what you want with one click.
  • Remote Deletion.  Want to just delete those local files WITHOUT zapping them on Office 365 or SharePoint. – Just do it.  You can turn off sync either file by file or turn off all Server Deletions
  • Performance: The HCP-AW connector will power through the largest of databases.  Got GB’s of data.  No problem.

For Features you thought you lost when you switched to Office 365

  • Views: Already set up a custom view.  Maybe sorting your data files by Contract or by Customer.  Now want to see that View offline?  You got it.
  • Content Type:  Just click ‘New File’ and you’ll get YOUR choice of YOUR document templates for that Library.
  • File Properties: Full Metadata management offline?  Yes really!

For  Keeping Control

  • File level sync:  Want to have fine grained control and just sync a couple of Files.  No problem.  Want to sync a whole folder or two or perhaps the whole shebang?  It’s your choice.
  • Local Versioning:  You make changes.  Your colleagues make changes. Between you all you make several copies. Like to see these on your computer while offline and not just on SharePoint?  That’s the way it works.
  • Conflict Resolution.  It’s all about control.  You can see the file is in Conflict.  You choose what to do about it.  Upload.  Download. Compare Documents.  Whatever.  Do it now or do it later.  The HCP-Anywhere Connector is in control and it doesn’t force you to use Word right now.

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