New – Bring your OneDrive to you.

Shipping this July, new Digilink-One

Digilink-One links your Microsoft OneDrive and OneDrive for Business files to your computer.  It allows you to see all your OneDrive files that are in the Cloud as if they were all sitting on your computer waiting for you.

Tether Your Cloud

Imagine.  You open your OneDrive Folder on your computer and all your One-Drive files are there in front of you. It’s as if we can make your computer’s window see all the way to the Cloud.    Why do you need this?

  • Click and the files open.
  • Faster file navigation using Windows Explorer
  • Change your data and when you click save, it’s in the cloud – automatically.
  • No synching data required.
  • No Local and Cloud data duplication
  • Drag files in – Drag Files Out – Whatever, whenever you want.
  • It just works!

But there’s a whole lot more.

Safe.  Everything you do is safe in the Cloud.  You don’t need to back up to the Cloud because the files are already there.

Secure.  With data security a big issue, your IT manager will be more comfortable that your data stays in your hands.  If you lose your laptop no-one will be happy, but at least nobody will get their hands on your data files.  Nobody can get your data off your disk. It just isn’t there!

Easier – Perhaps you’ve used a computer for years.  Perhaps you’re new.  Either way, working with your files and folders, there in front of you has to be easier than navigating a forever changing landscape of web pages and messages.

Pricing will be announced by the end of June, but be assured – It’ll be inexpensive.

Shipping – early July.

Trial versions – naturally.  You’ll be able to make sure it’s right for you.

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