Digilink Easier365 – latest version

Version     : Download here    23rd Aug 2017

Release Notes: 

Updated Features/ Fixes in are:

  1. Traps and renames invalid characters from uploading during the sync.  e.g. # is first changed to an underscore
  2. Improved exception handling during upload to catch any invalid characters etc..
  3. Prevents changing the backup versions location to being within the local files folder itself.
  4. Prevents the software from performing the first sync if it finds files are erroneously left in local sync folder.
  5. In the Digilink Limited Start Menu Program Group, changed Advanced Settings to “Easier 365 Advanced Settings”
  6. In the Digilink Limited Start Menu Program Group, added “Easier 365 Logging Mode” which initiates detailed logging.


Instructions for updating from version to

  1. Exit the application (Options > Exit, don’t just close the window)
  2. Uninstall current version of Easier365 using Control Panel Settings
  3. Download and Install New version of Easier365
  4. Restart Easier365

(Important:  If you are using or earlier, see below)

Important Note:   If you are upgrading from version or earlier,  you will first need to delete your local database before installing and not just perform a Master Reset.  Updating from version to you can simply update the software

Note:  You will need to re-sync your files.

Instructions for Resetting Database:

  1. Exit the application
  2. Uninstall current version of Easier365
  3. Download and Install New version of Easier365
  4. Exit the new version before adding any sites.
  5. Navigate to Windows Start Button > Digilink Limited > Advanced Settings
  6. Click on Database Reset
  7. Restart Easier365

If you prefer, full manual reset instructions can be found here.

Updated Fixes in are:

  1. Fixes a rare database condition where one individual file wouldn’t immediately update.
  2. Additional logging in error logs for Digilink support use.
  3. Fixed an issue where updated file properties were uploaded correctly but not always displayed locally.

Updated Fixes in are:     31st March 2017

  1. This version improves the synchronisation accuracy across multi-client scenarios when downloading sites which are being concurrently uploaded and/or the contents are being renamed at the same time as the download is in process.
  2. Significant speed-up when downloading very large sites.  The speed-up concerns the processing time involved with the local database as opposed to the time to actually download the files.  This will especially improve the time for subsequent syncs as well as the main download synchronisation.

Updated Features in

Version was an internal release only.

Updated Fixes in are:                  13th March 2017

  1. Fixed a regression issue where after the initial sync some previously checked sub-folders were erroneously then unchecked for subsequent synchronisation.

Updated Features in are:         6th March 2017

  1. Improved software activity feedback via progress bar for when synchronising large sites.
  2. Improved synchronisation resilience to manage network errors that occurred during partial paging downloads.

Updated Fixes in are:

  1. Fixed an issue whereby not all empty folders were downloaded during initial schema download.
  2. Fixed an issue where some folders were erroneously ‘checked for sync’ after initial schema download.



Updated Features in were:          27th February 2017

  1. Addition of Site Contents page in Settings
    1. Display of SharePoint Item Count by Library
    2. Display of corresponding Item Count in Easier365 database schema by Library
    3. Ability to completely Reset Sync on individual Libraries.

Updated Fixes in

  1. Sync process now incorporates contemporaneous changes made locally and on SharePoint during the actual sync cycle.

Updated Features in were:        13th February 2017

  1. Addition of Advanced Settings
    1. Database/Software – full Factory Reset.
    2. Change number of concurrent upload processes
    3. Adjust upload timeout threshold
    4. Switch on/off auto sync
    5. Switch on/off ‘file watcher’

These settings can be found in Windows Start > Digilink Limited > Advanced Settings

Updated Features in were:         2nd February 2017

  1. Support for metadata stored against SharePoint Folders.
  2. Support for square brackets in folder names. (e.g. “Folder [Name]” )
  3. Support for downloading empty folders on the SharePoint Site.
  4. Support for Files with Read only file permissions. (that is where the file’s Windows permission itself is set to ‘Read-Only’ and nothing to do with SharePoint file permissions).

Updated Fixes in were:

  1. Fixed an issue which caused a hang if trying to upload illegal SharePoint characters. (e.g. “_vti_bin” files)
  2.  Implemented changes to warn on selecting Library or Folder Sync checkboxes while the software is still synchronising.
    This is to prevent selecting only a subset of data required on large sites (e.g. >40,000 items) because the whole schema is in the middle of downloading.
  3. Does not try to upload temporary Word Document files with a tilde “ ~ ” prefix which can appear while editing Word files.
  4. Update to catch a .net exception against a rare .net icon issue.


Updated Features in were:   7th November 2016

  1. Changed the code to perform an additional SharePoint check on opening and viewing a SharePoint Folder using the application interface.  This ensures that any changes in SharePoint that may have happened in between synchronisation processes are not missed.

Updated Fixes in were:

  1. Fixed an error that could sometimes cause a Local Copy or Move file operation not to be correctly recorded.
  2. Fixed an error that could occur when synchronising two SharePoint sites with identical names. Note that this could only occur if using two totally separate SharePoint servers.

Updated Fixes in were:      21st July 2016

  1. Fixed an error that could sometimes affect the database when upgrading between versions without first performing a Master Reset.
  2. Fixed an error that could occur when uploading a folder with an ampersand symbol ( &)  in the folder name. Downloading folders with ‘&’ in the file name were not affected.


Updated Features in

Version was an internal release only


Updated Features in were:   30th June 2016

  1. Easier365 now supports a Read-Only Mode.  A new sync-mode dialogue box is available on start-up and at any time through right clicking the icon in settings.
  2. Easier365 now fully supports the International Character set in File Properties (metadata).

Updated Fixes in were:

  1. If mirrored deletes (deleting files on SharePoint) was disabled. When deleting a file in SharePoint, after having re-enabling mirrored SharePoint deletes in the interface, the software now no longer leaves an isolated file name in the interface.
  2. Fixed an error in date formatting and a repetition of the date column.
  3. The modified date column now reflects the local modified date but only for locally created/ or modified files up until the point at which the file has been uploaded to SharePoint. At this point it will revert to the server date.  The modified date for downloaded (synchronised) server files is unaffected.
  4. The software no longer displays an error dialogue for unsupported file types (e.g. .aspx)
  5. Fixes an issue where a Conflict Warning could not be removed if the backup copies were set to less than two copies.
  6. Fixes a rare occurence of an error that occurred when unchecking a sync box in the Files Tab
  7. Fixes an error when renaming a Folder using keyboard characters outside of the scope of the normal character set.
  8. Fixed an error that could occur if you deleted a file on the server only after having updated the File Properties (metadata)  for that file on the local computer.



Updated fixes in are:      17th May 2016

  1. This release fixes an issue where following a change to file properties on an offline file, the local interface was not in step with the correctly uploaded change in File Properties now in SharePoint.  This release no longer needs an additional sync to correct the offline interface display.



Updated fixes in are:      16th May 2016


  1. Easier365 now makes it easier for the user to select a Sync Mode on first start-up.  The user can select from Read; Read/Write; Read/Write/Delete.  These sync modes can be changed at any time from the task bar.   These options were previously available through options and registry settings.


  1. When updating a File Property in certain circumstances some properties were not uploaded to SharePoint on the next sync.


Updated fixes in are:      11th May 2016

  1. When adding a new Library to an existing and currently synchronised Site, the new Library was not always immediately identified.
  2. When adding a new Site, the Site name could in certain circumstances appear twice in the interface for a short period although not in the file system.
  3. The system could sometimes discover a new file before identifying it in the interface.
  4. The Sync Issues warning tab was not always displayed in a red colour font.
  5. The folder was deleted and then immediately re-added it could in certain circumstance give an exception report.
  6. The file sizes were sometimes rounded down to 0KB
  7. The Options screen was adjusted to allow very small height screen resolutions to display correctly.


Updated fixes in are:      1st May 2016


  1. Easier365 now has fully database driven Conflict Management.  All file conflicts are captured and presented for you to manage at your convenience.


  1. The Sync Error message is now in red so as to be more visible.
  2. Switching to ‘Full Screen’ now no longer obstructs the Task Bar.
  3. When you add a folder with a sub-folder the sync check marks all propagate correctly in the sub folder.
  4. The right click option to delete a folder in the tree is no longer displayed if mirrored deletes is already turned off.
  5. Right click delete option on empty folders now functional if deletes enabled
  6. Better column height spacing for the file path displayed above the file list
  7. The “OK” and “Cancel” buttons on pop-up windows  are now displayed in line with Microsoft’s style guide.
  8. The Interface tabs now display correctly when using 125% magnification for your Windows display personalisation.
  9. Deleting a .doc file when you already have a .docx file with exactly the same file name in the same folder, no longer gives an error.

Updated fixes in are:      22nd March 2016


  1. Easier365 now allows for UNC paths (mapped drives) for the local file store.
  2. Easier365 now synchronises SharePoint Sites that use non-standard port numbering.
  3. Ability to automatically add one level of sub sites when any site is added.


  1. Any updates to local files actually made during a synchronisation are captured for subsequent synchronisation.
  2. Fix to error when using Upload button used immediately following that same file having been downloaded.
  3. Download button updated to work on sites using basic authentication.
  4. Change to software to allow a Rename on a folder during a synchronisation.
  5. Change to defer a Sync occurring while Site Edit is actively being managed.
  6. Change to defer a Sync occurring while software Options are actively being managed.
  7. After a local folder deletion, Deleted folders in interface now remain if the folder still exists on SharePoint.
  8. Update to software to more accurately reflect SharePoint Views.
  9. Internal names removed from Interface to more accurately reflect SharePoint Views.
  10. Hidden files from Windows file system (e.g. thumbs.db) are now excluded from scan.
  11. Scan process changed from a Windows Service to now being incorporated within the Application.
  12. Timing updates for File Watcher during sync to consolidate small changes to files (e.g waits for pending changes before completing the sync).
  13. Renaming folders (including mid synchronisation) applied correctly throughout a folder hierarchy.

Known Issues

  1. Propagation of sync check marks not always applied consistently.  e.g. When copying a folder of files into a parent folder in which there already exists a mixed sync status. (If all are checked or all are unchecked there is no issue).

Updated features and fixes in are:      10th February 2016


  1. The automatic check on startup for the latest software version was removed to avoid an issue with certain virus checkers.



Updated features and fixes in are:      25th January 2016


  1. On application startup, the software will now check for future version updates and advise the user accordingly.


  1. Editing properties of a file added via the interface prior to uploading to SharePoint / Office 365 gave an error.
  2. Adding a file via the interface and then immediately deleting the file, prior to the file uploading, would leave the file name in the interface.



Updated features and fixes in are:      14th January 2016


  1. Folders in Fileview.  Folders will now appear in the right hand window along with the files.
  2. Easier365 now synchronises the SharePoint data schema as soon as a site is added.


  1. Prevented removing a site when user does not have permission to remove files.
  2. Fixed issue which sometimes prevented ‘New File’ invoking Excel or PowerPoint.
  3. Suppression of unnecessary audible system alerts.
  4. Database vacuum implemented.
  5. Version number now in ‘Options’.





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