Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Connector for Microsoft® SharePoint®

HCPBring full SharePoint integration to HCP Anywhere. Digilink has now developed a custom version of the synchronisation software which fully integrates with HCP Anywhere. This extends the reach of HCP Anywhere to provide full synchronisation capabilities with Microsoft SharePoint.

Use your SharePoint as a system of record and HCP Anywhere as a system of engagement

With SharePoint you already enjoy a comprehensive data management system. With HCP Anywhere you can enhance that still further and enjoy the fast ad-hoc collaboration that you’ve come to expect. The difference? HCP Anywhere offers 100% corporate data integrity which you won’t get in competing systems yet is the feature CIOs and the board of directors insist on.

Choose: One-Way Sync.

With the HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint you get total control. First, decide if you want to synchronise files one-way from SharePoint straight into HCP Anywhere. In the intuitive interface, just click against any file and it will sync down into HCP Anywhere. From there you’ll get the data everywhere you run an HCP Anywhere client. On your PC, your Mac as well as your iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Choose : Full Two-Way Sync -Read and Write

Okay, so you want higher integration. How about full two-way synchronisation of your SharePoint libraries into HCP Anywhere. A file is added to SharePoint. It’s updated everywhere through HCP Anywhere. Update the same file on your iPhone. The change goes right back into SharePoint.

Choose: Manage SharePoint Remotely

For the fullest integration, The HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint can also allow you total control over your SharePoint site data from within HCP Anywhere. Add complete folder data structures. Rename files and folders. Delete files you don’t need anymore. All from within HCP Anywhere.

The HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint is available direct from Digilink or from BEP Systems.

“BEP BEP Systems have been working with Hitachi for many years and bring considerable experience to Information Management

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