Does the software download every file every time?

No, that’s not needed.  The manner in which the HCP Anywhere Connector works is this.

First it downloads the folder structure and files names and places this in a local database.  The software then allows you to check the file names for all or perhaps just some of the files you require. At the next sync the software will download those files.

From that point on, the software will follow those instructions and download just the files that have been updated on SharePoint.  If you have asked for all new files in a given folder, the software will watch that SharePoint folder for you and incrementally add those new files.

The software will of course also upload any new or updated files you have created locally and add this to SharePoint.

On each synchronisation, the software simply talks to SharePoint and both ask, “What’s new?  What’s been updated?” and it is just those files that are transferred.

This page covers a frequently asked question regarding this version of the software.

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