Slow Internet is causing Upload Problems

Upload Threads

Easier365, as standard, runs three upload threads to maximise performance.

If you have a slow in-house SharePoint site on, say, a multi-purpose office computer as opposed to a dedicated server, you may wish to slow down the speed at which you upload files to a single feed.

Similarly, if you have extreme network performance considerations, say, <1Mbit/sec upload speed available. You should consider running one thread so that the Easier365 upload processes do not have wait times in excess of the efficiencies to be gained in multi-processing. 

You can change the settings under Advanced Settings in version

Upload Timeout

If the file sizes you wish to upload are large and the network speed is slow you can adjust the upload timeout under Advanced Settings in version

Tip:  If you just have a  few very large files to upload to SharePoint instead of changing this number you might consider using an Internet Explorer Browser to upload those particular files.  Easier 365 will see them and bring them down into the cache on the next sync.

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