Connection to Office 365 site gives error message

Did you try Office 365 and get this error message?




In order to connect to Office 365 sites the ‘SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK’ needs to be installed.  Now this is typically loaded for you during the installation process, but just sometimes, your computer’s user permissions might stop this happening.  No problem.  It’s very easy to install manually.  Just follow the instructions on the Microsoft download page from the link below and it should get you up and running.

Just click on the large Download button on the web page and choose the version for your computer. Either the version for a 64 bit or a 32 bit (x86) computer.

Not sure which version of Computer you have?  Just open up Windows explorer, ‘Right Click’ on your Computer Icon and choose “Properties”.  The answer will be in the middle of the page under “System Type”

This page covers a frequently asked question regarding this version of the software.

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