Easier365: Office 365 and SharePoint now 24×7


So many Good Reasons to get Easier365 today

No Limits: For those things OneDrive for Business cannot do.

  • Select just what you want to sync with TeamSites
  • Easier365 loves SharePoint 2007 & 2010 &  Sharepoint 2013, 2016 & Office 365
  • No inconvenient file or size limits.

Easier to use: Makes Office 365 and SharePoint work better

  • Interface:  A Great Application Interface to navigate Office 365 libraries.   Keep in Sync or Download just exactly what you want with one click.
  • Remote Deletion. Stop deleting Cloud Files when you remove the local file.
  • Performance: Easier 365 is multi-threaded.  Got GB’s of data.  No problem.

Metadata: Bet you thought you lost that?

  • Views: Already set up a custom view.  Maybe sorting your data files by Contract or by Customer.  Now want to see that View offline?  You got it.
  • Content Type:  Just click ‘New File’ and you’ll get YOUR choice of YOUR document templates for that Library.
  • File Properties: Full Metadata management offline?  Yes really!

Conflict Management: You’re in Control!

  • File level sync:  Tired of OneDrive for Business sync issues?  Want to have fine grained control and sync just a couple of Files?  No problem.
  • Local Versioning:  You make changes.  Your colleagues make changes.  See all those changes wherever you are.
  • Conflict Resolution.   You see all files in Conflict so you choose what to do – Simple!  Upload.  Download. Compare Documents.  Whatever.  Do it now or later.

It’s inexpensive.  A one-time perpetual license.  Not five bucks a month for life.  Just $42 and it’s yours forever.    Volume discounts available.

Is it worth $42?  It’s your time, your patience, it’s your livelihood. You already invested a bunch in Office 365.  Now make that investment pay off.

Just download the full-featured trial and try it out today.

Free Trial

Download a free 30-day trial copy.     No credit card or personal details required.

Fully featured and easy to setup.      Keep on using it if you later add a license.

Easier365 Costs

Easier365 costs just $42 USD ( €40 euro / £30 UK)  per single copy with a perpetual license and with discounts for multiple copies and site licenses.

Minimum requirements

Windows Vista – Windows7 – Window8 – Windows 10
SharePoint 2007 – SharePoint 2010 – SharePoint 2013 – SharePoint 2016 and Office365

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