Simple Dropbox integration copies any SharePoint file to your Dropbox with one click. From Dropbox it’s straight to your Smartphone or Tablet. From that point on we’ll keep your chosen Dropbox files in sync with SharePoint.

Sync your files to your Smartphone / Tablet

All you need to do is install the standard Dropbox software on your PC. When you check the box in the interface, Revelation puts a copy of the file in Dropbox. From that point Dropbox takes care of the synchronisation to your other devices.

It’s built in and Dropbox currently offer 2GB free!

Consider this example. You use a Windows PC in the office but have a Macbook Air for business trips or perhaps a Mac at home. Maybe you like to travel with just a Samsung Android Tablet or an Apple iPhone or iPad. Currently, you download files from SharePoint and email them to yourself to ensure you have them. Not any more. Just check the box in the Revelation interface and let Digilink and Dropbox take care of it. Your files will automatically appear on and indeed all of the devices you want.

Keeping your data on track

Perhaps you already use Dropbox to sync files between you and your colleagues and don’t want to mix in SharePoint files. We’ve thought of that. When you push files from SharePoint to Dropbox, Revelation creates a folder called Digilink Files containing a structure that mirrors that on SharePoint. You want several files with the same name that came from different folders. No problem, that’s how they will appear in Dropbox.

Keeping track of your data

When you check the box in the Revelation interface we keep track of which files you took and one click on the Dropbox button in the ribbon will give you a list of all the files you sent to Dropbox.

Dropbox option in Revelation

Dropbox option in Revelation

Just check the option to add to Dropbox (click image to see detail)

Dropbox Details

One click shows all files added to Dropbox (click image to see detail)

One click shows all files added to Dropbox (click image to see detail)

Keeping Data Up-to-Date

Revelation will copy any file to Dropbox when you click the box. It will also update the file in Dropbox when you update the file on SharePoint. Once you have flagged a file to be copied to Dropbox all you have to do is tap sync in Revelation before you leave the office and all your SharePoint files in Dropbox will be updated. To keep matters simple and avoid conflicts, it will not try to update SharePoint if you update the file in Dropbox.

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