What is it?

Digi-Link Revelation is an inexpensive, easy to use, must-have application that both companies and individuals are giving to all their SharePoint users.

What is it for?

It gives you persistent access to all your SharePoint data which you now can reach from your standard My Documents folder on Windows - anytime.

Why use it?

Because it makes SharePoint so much easier to use. All your files and folders are right there all the time on and off-line.

Digilink Revelation

Digilink Revelation – The world’s largest selling SharePoint offline support software, automatically synchronises documents to your computer from SharePoint including Office365.

Revelation provides a flexible interface to SharePoint and fine control over which Files, Folders and Properties you want to sync. Selectively Drag & Drop Sites, Files and Folders, with full Conflict Management, support for Content Types and now with Dropbox Integration. Outlook support included. Email add-in creates secure copies of emails and attachments.

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SharePoint fits all your pieces together.

Carry all of your files around with you and see how Revelation integrates with:

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Outlook